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   Argüelles 10-05-1995

Argüelles Argüelles


   Moncloa 10-05-1995 Moncloa L6 Moncloa
   Ciudad Universitaria   13-01-1987  
   Vicente Aleixandre  


until Nov 2018 "Metropolitano"

   Guzmán el Bueno 13-01-1987  
 Cuatro Caminos


Cuatro Caminos station was refurbished in 2005 in standard style with white enamelled panels.

Cuatro Caminos


 Nuevos Ministerios


At the large interchange Nuevos Ministerios, the Line 6 station lies at the western side, being linked to the other lines by long corridors and escalators.

Nuevos Ministerios L6 Nuevos Ministerios
 República Argentina   11-10-1979  
 Avenida de América


Several stations on Line 6, like Avenida de América, were built with an island and two side platforms, with train doors opening simultanously on both sides.

Avenida de América

 Diego de León 11-10-1979  
 Manuel Becerra 11-10-1979  
 O'Donnell   11-10-1979  
 Sainz de Baranda 11-10-1979

L6 Sainz de Baranda

L6 Sainz de Baranda

 Conde de Casal   11-10-1979

L6 Conde de Casal Conde de Casal


 Pacífico 11-10-1979

Pacífico Pacífico


 Méndez Álvaro


At Méndez Álvaro transfer is provided to two Cercanías routes, to C-5, which stops underground, and to C-7/C-10, which stops on the surface.




Station added on existing line

Arganzuela-Planetario © Antonio Rodríguez

Arganzuela-Planetario Arganzuela-Planetario

L6 Arganzuela-Planetario


 Legazpi 07-05-1981

Legazpi Legazpi

 Usera   07-05-1981  
 Plaza Elíptica


Plaza Elíptica is so far the only station on the network that provides transfer to Line 11.

L6 Plaza Elíptica
 Opañel   07-05-1981  
   Oporto 07-05-1981 L6 Oporto
   Carpetana   01-06-1983  


   Lucero   10-05-1995

L6 Lucero

L6 Lucero

   Alto de Extremadura   10-05-1995  
   Puerta del Ángel   10-05-1995  
   Príncipe Pío


At Príncipe Pío interchange with Line 10 is provided on the same platform in the same direction. Line R terminates one level higher at the western side, and Cercanías trains stop at the eastern side, before crossing the metro tracks on a bridge and entering the tunnel towards Atocha.

Príncipe Pío Príncipe Pío L6-L10


Special Features of Circular Line 6:

Total length: 23.5 km - 28 stations

Large profile line with 110 m long platforms (6-car trains of class 5000 and 7000 in service).





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