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   Cuatro Caminos xx-09-1929

L2 Cuatro Caminos L2 Cuatro Caminos




- late addition on existing line to provide transfer to line 7

Canal © Christoph Groneck Canal © Christoph Groneck

   Quevedo   27-12-1925  
   San Bernardo 27-12-1925 L2 San Bernardo


- transfer provided to Plaza España station on lines 3 and 10 via long flights of escalators.

Noviciado Noviciado

   Santo Domingo  


- station located below line 3 (between Callao and Plaza España)



- the single-track station on line R (Ópera - Príncipe Pío) is accessible on the same level from the line 2 platform (direction Cuatro Caminos).

L2 Ópera

L2 Ópera L2 Ópera



- Puerta de Sol is the central square in Madrid and km 0 for Spain

L2 Sol
   Sevilla   11-06-1924

Sevilla Sevilla


   Banco de España  


- the station lies just to the west of Plaza Cibeles, where Calle de Alcalá meets Paseo de Recoletos and Paseo del Prado

L2 Banco de España L2 Banco de España




- Parque del Retiro is for Madrid what Central Park is for New York and Hyde Park is for London



   Príncipe de Vergara 11-06-1924


   Goya 11-06-1924

Goya Goya

   Manuel Becerra 11-06-1924

L2 Manuel Becerra

L2 Manuel Becerra



- a small depot is located on the surface at the southern side of this station
- the line 5 station is located at the same level

L2 Ventas

L2 Ventas

L2 Ventas

   La Elipa   16-02-2007

La Elipa La Elipa

La Elipa

   La Almudena   16-03-2011 L2 La Almudena
   Alsacia   16-03-2011 Alsacia
   Avda. de Guadalajara   16-03-2011  
   Las Rosas   16-03-2011

L2 Las Rosas

L2 Las Rosas

L2 Las Rosas


Special Features of Line 2:

Total length: 14 km, 20 stations

Small profile line with 60 m long platforms in older stations (4-car trains of class 2000 & 3000 in service)

In 1932, a branch opened from Goya to Diego de León, which was integrated in line 4 in 1958.

From 1964 until 1970, Line 2 continued from Ventas to Ciudad Lineal; this stretch is now part of Line 5.





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