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At the terminus Argüelles there is an island platform with two bay tracks. An arrow indicates the side of the platform from where the next train will depart.

Argüelles L4 Argüelles
   San Bernardo 23-03-1944 L4 San Bernardo
   Bilbao 23-03-1944

Bilbao L4 Bilbao


   Alonso Martínez


Alonso Martínez is one of the few stations on the older lines which preserve the original tiling after most stations have been refurbished in recent years with coloured enamel panels.

Alonso Martínez L4 Alonso Martínez


Just east of Colón station, Renfe's north-south tunnel along Paseo de la Castellana crosses Line 4, but no direct transfer is provided to Recoletos station, which lies halfway between Colón and Banco de España on Line 2.



Serrano station lies on the eastern side of Plaza de Colón.




Velázquez L4 Velázquez


   Goya 23-03-1944 Goya
   Lista   17-09-1932  
   Diego de León


The oldest two stations on Line 4 were opened on a Line 2 branch. They were linked to Line 4 in 1958.

L4 Diego de León

L4 Diego de León

   Avenida de América 26-03-1973  
   Prosperidad   26-03-1973

L4 Prosperidad

L4 Prosperidad

   Alfonso XIII   26-03-1973  
   Avenida de la Paz   05-01-1979  
   Arturo Soria   05-01-1979

L4 Arturo Soria

L4 Arturo Soria

   Esperanza   05-01-1979  
   Canillas   xx-04-1998  
   Mar de Cristal


Although there are no concrete plans for platform lengthening on Line 4, the 1998 stations have all been built for 6-car trains.

At Mar de Cristal Line 8 stops on the lower level, so transfer to the airport line is provided via only one escalator or lift.

Mar de Cristal Mar de Cristal

L4 Mar de Cristal

   San Lorenzo   15/12/1998  
   Parque de Santa María   15/12/1998 Parque de Santa María
   Hortaleza   11/04/2007  
   Manoteras   11/04/2007  
   Pinar de Chamartín


At Pinar de Chamartín Lines 1 and 4 meet on the same level, but without providing cross-platform interchange in a logical direction. There are two side platforms for arriving passengers and one island platform for departure. One level higher the Metro Ligero Line ML1 terminates on an underground viaduct.

Pinar de Chamartín L4 Pinar de Chamartín

Pinar de Chamartín (April 2006)


Special Features of Line 4:

Total length: 16 km - 23 stations

Small profile line with 60 m long platforms (4-car trains of class 2000 & 3000 in service)

The section from Goya to Diego de León opened in 1932 and was operated as a branch off line 2 until 1958.



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