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Moncloa is a busy interchange station with a bus terminal for buses serving the northwestern suburbs.

In view of a possible extension of L-3 to Cuatro Caminos, and to allow the enlargement of the underground bus terminal, the former Moncloa station had to be given up (1), and a new station was built parallel to the L-6 station (2+3).



Moncloa2 Moncloa new station3
2006 © Pedro Muñoz Román




Stressing its function as a transfer station Argüelles was refurbished with white wall cladding. Platform lengthening was completed in 2006.

L3 Argüelles Argüelles


 Ventura Rodríguez  


In 2005/06 the access to Ventura Rodríguez station was rebuilt, the southbound platform now being accessible from the vestibule via a ramp. Platforms were extended to 90 m as in all other stations of the line and the walls were clad in enamel panels.

Ventura Rodríguez L3 Ventura Rodríguez


 Plaza de España 15-07-1941

Plaza de España Plaza de España




Madrid's busiest shopping streets are located between Callao and Sol. Callao station lies below Gran Vía.





Puerta del Sol is the most central square in Madrid and km 0 for Spanish roads.



 Lavapiés   09-08-1936  
 Embajadores 09-08-1936

Embajadores Embajadores
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 Palos de la Frontera   26-03-1949  


The station name Delicias refers to a former mainline station nearby, from where long-distance trains used to depart for Portugal. It closed in 1969, and since 1984 it has been the home to the Railway Museum.

Delicias Delicias
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Refurbished in 2006, with new vestibule.

Legazpi Legazpi

 Almendrales   21-04-2007  
 Hosp. 12 de Octubre   21-04-2007

Hospital 12 de Octubre Hospital 12 de Octubre

Hospital 12 de Octubre  © Antonio Rodríguez


 San Fermín-Orcasur   21-04-2007  
 Ciudad de los Ángeles   21-04-2007  
 Villaverde Bajo-Cruce   21-04-2007  
 San Cristóbal   21-04-2007  
 Villaverde Alto 21-04-2007

Villaverde Alto Villaverde Alto

   (El Casar)



Special Features of Line 3:

Total length: 15 km, 18 stations

Small profile line with 90 m long platforms (6-car trains of class 3000 in service) - platforms being extended from 60 m to 90 m 2004-2006.

Line 3 is among the busiest lines of the network and offers a 2.5-3 minute headway during most of the day. At Moncloa, trains reverse automatically with the drivers swapping to avoid long reversing times. The arriving driver leaves the train while the next driver gets into the back cabin, from where he makes the trains go into the reversing siding, to come back immediately on the departure track.

After completion of the southern extension in 2007, the line has more than doubled its length. Further extensions are planned at both ends.

The 2007-2011 expansion programme includes a southern extension from Villaverde Alto to El Casar where interchange will be provided to Cercanías and Line 12 (MetroSur)





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