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Rapid Railway of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot (SKM) is very similar to a typical German S-Bahn, so it can be classified as a metro-like line. Line S1 uses separate tracks along most of its route and has a dense interval (trains every 7-8 min. during rush hours and every 10 min. during the rest of the day; 10-20 min at weekends).

The line starts at Gdańsk Glowny (Gdansk main railway station) and runs on dedicated tracks through Sopot, Gdynia up to Rumia station. Then it shares tracks with other long distance and suburban trains. Total length of the line is approx. 46 km and it is the only real S-Bahn system in Poland.

Trains used are the typical Polish suburban train sets EN57 or newer. During recent years some trains were modernised. SKM train run Mon-Fri every 7-8 minutes during rush hours, and every 10 minutes at other times; Saturday & Sunday - every 10-20 minutes.

Gdańsk also has a quite well developed tram network, but trams don't go to the neighbouring towns of Sopot and Gdynia.


03 Mar 1951: start operating Gdańsk Glowny - Gdańsk Nowy Port (now abandoned - line planned to be reopened as a new line S2)
22 July 1953: separated tracks from Gdańsk Glowny to Gdynia Or³owo and single track to Gdynia Glowna Osobowa
01 May 1954: second track to Gdynia Glowna Osobowa
15 Jan 1956: Gdynia Glowna Osobowa - Gdynia Chylonia
31 Dec 1957: Gdynia Chylonia - Rumia - Wejherowo
01 Apr 2015: Gdańsk Glowny - Gdańsk Sródmiescie

01 Sept 2015: Airport Line: Gdansk-Wrzeszcz - Gdansk Osowa


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MZKZG (Greater Gdansk Fare System)


Tram Atlas Poland NEW:

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In Poland, numerous first-generation tram systems have survived, including the large networks in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznan, Lodz, Wroclaw and the trams in the Upper Silesian industrial area around Katowice. In Olsztyn, a completely new system opened in 2015. This book covers all the Polish cities which have trams as well as the three cities with trolleybuses. The country's only metro system, that in the capital Warsaw, is included too.The book is illustrated with detailed network maps, and hundreds of colour photographs of almost all the current rolling stock and numerous metro stations

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