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Sending e-mails to UrbanRail

Due to extreme spamming problems all direct email links to UrbanRail.Net have been removed from the site. Please use the new address shown above. You are, of course, welcome to send a message to UrbanRail.Net, but you'll have to type our email address manually.

In the "Subject" field use terms like 'Metro' or 'Subway' to distinguish your mail easily from spam. Your message will be answered and dealt with as soon as possible, although sometimes there may be a delay of some weeks until you'll see certain contributions reflected on the website. Sorry! Corrections and updates such as line extensions will be included immediately, whereas long-term projects may be left for later.

Before sending photos, please read the FAQ section about photo formats below, thanks!

Aufgrund der fast unerträglichen Menge an unerwünschten Werbemails sehen wir uns gezwungen, alle direkten Maillinks von der Website zu entfernen und die bereitgestellte Emailadresse von Zeit zu Zeit zu ändern. Sie sind natürlich trotzdem herzlich eingeladen, uns zu schreiben. Bitte tippen Sie unsere Emailadresse selbst ein und verwenden Sie im "Betreff"-Feld am besten die Wörter 'Metro', 'Subway' oder 'U-Bahn', um Ihre Mail einfach von Werbemails unterscheiden zu können. Sie können uns natürlich auch auf Deutsch schreiben.

A causa de un exceso de mensajes de publicidad nos vemos obligados a quitar todos los enlaces directos de correo electrónico. Estás invitado, sin embargo, a seguir enviándonos tus noticias, pero tendrás que introducir la dirección manualmente. Además te rogamos que utilices palabras como 'metro' o 'subway' en el campo de "Asunto". Puedes enviar tu mensaje en castellano (i també en català si ho prefereixes).

En raison de trop nombreux pourriels sur l'hyperlien de courriel à urbanrail.net, ce lien a été retiré du site, s'il vous plaît utilisez la nouvelle adresse indiqué si dessus, vous êtes, bien sûr, bienvenu d'envoyer un message à urbanrail.net, mais vous aurez à écrire l'adresse manuellement. Dans le champs "Objet" utilisez le terme 'metro' ou 'Subway' pour distinguer votre courriel des pourriels (spam), ainsi votre message sera lu et répondu aussitôt que possible, bien que, quelquefois, il peut avoir un délai de quelques semaines jusqu'à ce que vous puissiez voir certaines contributions apparaissant sur le site. Désolé! Des corrections et des mises à jour en ligne tels que les prolongations des lignes (de métro) sont incluses, tandis que les projets à long terme sont reportés plus loin.


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 How to send photographs to UrbanRail.Net?

There are two options:

1) Photos are ready to publish
2) Photos have to be edited to be published

In any case, NEVER send us pictures taken from other websites! The copyright has to be known and shown! Do not send pictures for pages which already include a large amount of photos unless your pictures show something new or are of better quality.

1) If you are used to editing photos for the Internet, these are the parameters I use in UrbanRail.Net:
- jpg - compression factor should be 10% - 15% for best quality and minimum file size (which should not exceed 250K)
- approx. 450-600 pixels in width or 300-450 pixels in height
- the copyright (and if known also the location) should be printed on the image
- the name of the file should explain briefly the content of the image (e.g. lon-jub-waterloo1.jpg)
- we no longer use small preview images (thumbnails)

2) If you are not familiar with photo editing but have a digital camera then send them as follows:
- any compatible format, preferably jpg, jpeg, tif, png or bmp
- best possible quality - now most smartphones also provide sufficient quality
- pixel size approximately double the final size (1500 x 800 or so in jpg or tif, but preferably in original size) to allow editing and maintaining the best quality
- do not print your copyright onto it (has to be done in definitive size)


Send your pictures to but don't put too many in one message, send them in separate mails. Thanks!

Larger amounts of photos can also be sent using "WeTransfer"

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