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Amsterdam Tram Map

Metros in Holland

Amsterdam Metro


Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, has about 830,000 inhabitants (1.3 million in metropolitan area) and is famous for its huge canal system.


- network length approx. 95 km in passenger service
- 14 lines (after network re-organisation in July 2018)
- 1435 mm gauge
- Rolling stock: BN articulated tram with low-floor section; Siemens Combino; CAF Urbos 100

- 13 Dec 2020: former Sneltram route Amstelveen Oranjebaan - Westwijk reopened as a tram line, served by the new line 25.



 IJtram :: Centraal Station - IJburg

Line 26 is a new express tram line, opened on 31 May 2005, that runs form the Centraal Station to IJburg, a newly built area on artificial islands in the IJmeer. It is 8.5 km long and runs on a segregated right-of-way for most of its length and in a tunnel for 1.5 km. The stop Rietlandpark is located 6 m below ground level, though uncovered, resembling a full metro station.

Steigereiland Rietlandpark
Steigereiland | Rietlandpark


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Robert Schwandl:


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Metros in Holland

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