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Lyon Metro Ligne D

 Line D  Gare de Vaise - Gare de Vénissieux 12.5 km, 15 stations

In 1991, line D was the first large-profile driverless metro line in the world. The so called 'Maggaly' system (Métro automatique à grand gabarit de l'agglomération lyonaise) allows a frequency of 2 minutes between trains. Trains are formed by only two cars , although station platforms are ready to accommodate 4-car trains. Compared to the VAL system in Lille and Toulouse or line 14 in Paris, this line does not have protective doors between platform and trains. Instead, doors have sensors to detect clothes, bags or other things that might get trapped, and there is the SQV (sécurité quais-voies) system, a security system working with infrared rays which causes trains to stop automatically and interrupts electricity if there is a major object on the tracks. While the eastern part of line D was built by cut-and-cover at low depth, the line passes under the rivers Rhône and Saône in single-track tube tunnels excavated with TBMs. West of Vieux Lyon station the line runs under the Fourvière/Saint Just hills to the western suburbs.


09 Sept 1991: Gorge de Loup - Grange Blanche
11 Dec 1992: Grange Blanche - Gare de Vénissieux
28 Apr 1997: Gorge de Loup - Gare de Vaise


Gare de Vaise


Gorge de Loup


Vieux Lyon
Cathédrale St-Jean



Line A

Gabriel Péri



Line B

Sans Souci

Grange Blanche


Mermoz Pinel


Gare de Vénissieux


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