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Lyon Métro Ligne C

 Line C  Hôtel de Ville - Cuire  2.4 km, 5 stations

On 6 Dec 1974, the former funicular, opened in 1891, was converted into a rack railway between Croix-Paquet and Croix-Rousse, which then became part of the new metro system in 1978 after its extension to Hôtel de Ville (Hôtel de Ville and Croix-Rousse - 936 m). In 1984 it was extended to Cuire, now on a level alignment without the centre rack rail, but single-track and above ground from just after Hénon and the terminus at Cuire. This extension took advantage of the abandoned railway corridor of the line to Sathonay, closed in 1975.

Line C probably includes the world's steepest metro station: Croix-Paquet (a gradient of 17%). This line is operated with 2-car trains.


02 May 1978: Hôtel de Ville - Croix-Rousse
10 Dec 1984: Croix-Rousse - Cuire


Hôtel de Ville
Louis Pradel

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