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 Hessen . Germany

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Frankfurt S-Bahn | Frankfurt Tram
System and History

Frankfurt Stadtbahn AlbumFrankfurt (650,000 inhabitants) is known as the financial capital of Germany and the seat of the European Central Bank. It is the centre of a larger metropolitan area including cities like Offenbach, Hanau, Wiesbaden (Hessen's capital) and Mainz (capital of Rheinland-Pfalz). It also has one of the busiest airports in Europe. The biggest part of Southern Hessen is integrated into the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

The Frankfurt "U-Bahn" is not a real metro, but rather a typical German Stadtbahn (like that of Stuttgart, Dortmund or Hanover), i.e. some sections in the city centre were built to full metro standards, whereas others along outer sections have level crossings, in the case of line U5 even some on-street running. The present network has a total length of 62.5 km and comprises three trunk routes. Besides the Stadtbahn and the S-Bahn, Frankfurt boasts an extensive tramway network with a total length of 67.5 km.

 Route A  Lines U1/U2/U3/U8/U9 - 35 km
The oldest underground route (opened in 1968 between Nordwestzentrum and Hauptwache) links the city centre to the northern suburbs. Lines U2 (Bad Homburg) and U3 (Oberursel) continue over former interurban tracks to the surrounding municipalities. Trains run underground on the southern section of the line between Südbahnhof (South Railway Station) and Miquel-/Adickesallee, but from Dornbusch the three lines run at grade with several level crossings. On line U1, there is another underground section around Nordwestzentrum station. The line was extended to the southern shore of the Main river in 1984. A branch from Niederursel to Riedberg, and from there to Kalbach on line U2 (3.8 km) was added on 12 Dec. 2010, introducing the new lines U8 and U9.
Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Hauptwache Frankfurt Stadtbahn SüdbahnhofFrankfurt Stadtbahn Schweizer Platz Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn

 Route B  Lines U4/U5 - 14.1 km

The second trunk route was built as a tram tunnel between Konstablerwache and Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and opened in 1974. In 1980 the line reached Seckbacher Landstraße and started to operate as a full U-Bahn, i.e. competely underground and entirely grade-separated. Construction of a 1.7 km long extension west to Bockenheimer Warte (2 stops) started in 1989 and after long delays it finally entered service on 10 Feb 2001. Eventually this line may be extended to connect to U1 at Ginnheim. Line U5 runs rather like a tram from Konstablerwache (underground station) to Preungesheim, and since January 1998 it has been sharing the U4 tracks between Konstablerwache and Hauptbahnhof. By 2016, the surface section between Musterschule and Preungesheim, had also been upgraded with high-level platforms.

On 15 June 2008, line U4 was extended from Seckbacher Landstraße to Schäfflestraße, using the tracks that link the depot from both line U4 and line U7. This extension was a trial service for 6 months, with about every second train continuing to Schäfflestraße. Since 14 Dec 2008, every other train on line U4 has been running through to Enkheim sharing route with line U7, now as a permanent service.

Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Bockenheimer Warte Frankfurt Stadtbahn Festhalle/Messe Frankfurt Stadtbahn Dom/Römer

 Route C  Lines U6/U7 - 15.1 km
This is the newest of the Frankfurt Stadtbahn lines. The central section runs in tunnel and was opened in 1986 to Zoo station in the east. Since 1992 U7 trains have continued to Enkheim. Since 30 May 1999, U6 trains have had the eastern terminus at Ostbahnhof (East Railway Station). The branch to Enkheim, as well as the two western legs, is a typical Stadtbahn route on a separate right-of-way, but with level crossings. All stops have high-level platforms.

Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn Frankfurt Stadtbahn


Like in many other German cities, the S-Bahn run by DB (Deutsche Bahn) is an important means of transport also within the city. Therefore a new S-Bahn tunnel was built in the 1980s/90s through the city centre sharing tunnel but not tracks with U6/U7 between Hauptwache and Konstablerwache. Find out more about the S-Bahn system here.

S-Bahn Frankfurt S-Bahn Frankfurt S-Bahn Frankfurt


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 Our books about Urban Rail in Germany

Tram Atlas DeutschlandRobert Schwandl:


- June 2019, Berlin, ISBN 978 3 836573 60 2

- Detailed colour maps for more than 50 German tramway cities, illustrated with numerous photos

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Schnellbahnen in Deutschland/Metros in GermanyRobert Schwandl:

U-Bahnen in Deutschland

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Line U4 was planned to be extended from Bockenheimer Warte to Ginnheim and connect to the present U1 branch, but this project was shelved in 2006, though new studies are currently underway. The northern section of this project which serves the Riedberg area was eventually built as a branch off the existing A-route, diverging from U1/U3 near Niederursel station.

Construction of a branch from Hauptbahnhof west to the new development area called Europaviertel is under construction for completion in 2025 (U5). [Project Website]



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