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Bydgoszcz Tram Map

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Bydgoszcz (Wojewˇdztwo kujawsko-pomorskie) - 360,000 inh.

- 1000 mm
- 9 lines (+ 1 rush-hour only)
- 40 km


 Recent History

24 Nov 2012: Garbary - Rycerska

16 Jan 2015: Fordonska/Wyscigowa - Loskon (9.3 km)

Tram Bydgoszcz Tram Bydgoszcz Tram Bydgoszcz Tram Bydgoszcz Tram Bydgoszcz Tram Bydgoszcz
 Official Websites

MZK Bydgoszcz

ZDMIKP Bydgoszcz

 Other Links

Trams in Bydgoscsz at Wikipedia.pl


Fast tram route to Fordon:


Tram Atlas Poland NEW:

Robert Schwandl's


In Poland, numerous first-generation tram systems have survived, including the large networks in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznan, Lodz, Wroclaw and the trams in the Upper Silesian industrial area around Katowice. In Olsztyn, a completely new system opened in 2015. This book covers all the Polish cities which have trams as well as the three cities with trolleybuses. The country's only metro system, that in the capital Warsaw, is included too.The book is illustrated with detailed network maps, and hundreds of colour photographs of almost all the current rolling stock and numerous metro stations

10/2017, Text deutsch/English, ISBN 978 3 936573 50 3, EUR 19.50 - For more info & sample pages click here!


Bydgoszcz Tram
Bydgoszcz Tram
Bydgoszcz Tram
Bydgoszcz Tram
 Photos 1-4 at Rondo Jagiellonow  


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