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 Hessen . Germany

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Frankfurt U-Bahn (Stadtbahn) | Frankfurt Tram || Deutsch


Frankfurt Stadtbahn AlbumFrankfurt (650,000 inhabitants) is known as the financial capital of Germany and the seat of the European Central Bank. It is the centre of a larger metropolitan area including cities like Offenbach, Hanau, Wiesbaden (Hessen's capital) and Mainz (capital of Rheinland-Pfalz). It also has one of the busiest airports in Europe. The biggest part of Southern Hessen is integrated into the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

Besides the "U-Bahn" (rather a typical German Stadtbahn) and the extensive tramway network Frankfurt boasts an efficient S-Bahn system, which due to the city's large number of daily commuters is the backbone of suburban and regional transportation. The S-Bahn Rhein-Main is operated by DB (Deutsche Bahn).

- Total network length: approx. 303 km
- dedicated tracks between Frankfurt West/Stadion and Hanau/Darmstadt, parallel to mainline tracks;
- exclusive S-Bahn service between F-Rödelheim and Kronberg/Sulzbach Nord;
- mixed service with other regional and long-distance services on other routes (notably on the route to Friedberg and to Riedstadt-Goddelau);
- 12 underground stations: 7 along the Frankfurt city tunnel, 3 in Offenbach, 1 at the airport, 1 at Schwalbach-Limes;
- platform length: 210 m
- between Hauptwache and Konstablerwache, the S-Bahn tracks lie between the Stadtbahn (U6/U7) tracks, providing cross-platform interchange at Konstablerwache;
- rolling stock: BR420, BR423
- trains every 30 minutes: S1, S2, S3, S4, S7, S8, S9
- trains every 15 minutes: S5 (Bad Homburg), S6 (Groß Karben)

(1972 - Airport loop with underground station)
1978 - start of service on the western S-Bahn lines with opening of city tunnel between Hauptbahnhof and Hauptwache
1980 - Hauptbahnhof - Flughafen (Airport) - Mainz - Wiesbaden
1983 - H
auptwache - Konstablerwache
1990 - Konstablerwache - Stresemannallee
1992 - Ostendstraße - Mühlberg
1995 - Mühlberg - Offenbach tunnel - Hanau
1997 - Stresemannallee - Darmstadt
1999 - Messe station added
2002 - Hauptbahnhof - Riedstadt-Goddelau
2003 - Offenbach Ost - Rödermark-Oberroden/Dietzenbach


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NAHVERKEHR IN FRANKFURT - (Public Transport in Frankfurt), actually a magazine with many photos, 114 pages ISBN: 3897240106

- Quadrupling of route between Frankfurt West and Bad Vilbel (S6) with dedicated S-Bahn tracks
- Nordmainische S-Bahn: Konstablerwache - Frankfurt Ost - Maintal - Hanau

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