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 Queensland . Australia

Brisbane Rail Network Map ® R. Schwandl


Metropolitan Rail Network

- operated by QR (formerly branded "Citytrain")

- total network length over 380 km (incl. interurban lines)

- 9 lines radiating from Brisbane Central Station, with cross-city operation, running every 30 minutes

- electrified, narrow gauge (1067 mm)

- Darra - Richlands branch opened 17 Jan 2011, extended to Springfield Central (9.5 km) on 2 Dec 2013



A new 12.6 km double-track branch will serve the Moreton Bay area diverging from the northern line at Petrie. There will be six station, at Kippa-Ring, Rothwell, Mango Hill East, Mango Hill, Murrumba Downs and Kallangur. Construction beganin 2014, for completion in late 2016.
[Project Website]

For Crossriver rail project see official project website


Brisbane Train QR Citytrain Brisbane Train QR Citytrain

Brisbane Train QR Citytrain Brisbane Train QR Citytrain


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