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Yerevan Metro Map


Yerevan is the capital of the former Soviet republic of Armenia and has 1.2 million inhabitants. Initially construction of a partly underground rapid tram was planned. But meanwhile population figures had risen and the decision was taken to build a full metro network.

Yerevan's metro line was inaugurated in 1981 and extended towards the south until 1986. Ten years later a branch opened to the surface station Charbakh, which is operated as a separate shuttle service. The main line is underground from Baregamutyun to Zoravar Andranik and after Gortsaranayin, so only Sassountsi David and Gortsaranayin stations lie above ground. The metro was not damaged during the heavy 1988 earthquake. The total length of the line is 12.1 km with 10 stations.

Trains in service are of the 81-717 series also running in Moscow and other ex-Soviet cities. Stations have 100 m long platforms for 5-car-trains, although only 2-car-trains are currently used.



08-03-1981 - Baregamutyun ("Friendship" - Russian Druzhba) - Marshal Baghramyan (formerly called Saralandji) - Yeritasardakan ("Youth") ---- Sassountsi David (main railway station)
26-12-1981 - Hanrapetutyan Hraparak ("Republic Square" - formerly Lenin Hraparak "Lenin Sq.") added
11-07-1983 - Sassountsi David - Gortsaranayin ("Factory")
26-12-1985 - Gortsaranayin - Shengavit
01-01-1987 - Shengavit - Gareguin Njdehi Hraparak (formerly Spandaryan Hraparak)
02-12-1989 - Zoravar Andranik (formerly Hoktemberyan) added
26-12-1996 - Charbakh



The first line is being extended towards the northwest. These new stations will have side platforms, which is very uncommon for ex-Soviet style metro systems. Construction is finished as far as the Razdan river, which will be crossed on a bridge. Due to lack of funding, no completion dates are known.

A second line is planned to run from the city centre to Yeraz.

Further projects include:
- an extension of this second line northeast and south via Sassountsi David or Hanrapetutyan Hraparak;
- the first line further northwest
- a third line east - west crossing the first line at Yeritasardakan.



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