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Hangzhou Metro Map

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Hangzhou is the capital of the Province of Zhejiang and lies some 190 km southwest of Shanghai.



24 Nov 2012: Line 1 Linping/Wenzelu - Xianghu


Hangzhou is planning a network with 8 lines, totalling 278 km which is expected to be completed in 2035.

Line 2 will run from Liangzhu to Shushan (48km) and is expected to open in 2010.

Line 3 will run from Gongshu to Shangcheng (35km).

Line 4 will connect with Line 1 and Line 2, service for Qianjiang New City (15km).

Line 5 will terminate at Xiaoshan Railway Station (48km).

Line 6 will connect with Jiangnan Yanjiang, Binjiang District, Qianjiang Century City and Qianjiang Culture Industrial Park (25km).

Line 7 will connect with Jiangdong Area and Qianjiang Century City (31km).

Line 8 will connect with Jiangdong Area and Xiasha District (18km).


Hangzhou subway Hangzhou subway

Hangzhou subway Hangzhou subway

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Hangzhou subway map Hangzhou subway map


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