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Dalian Metro Map

Dalian tram streetcar map

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Dalian is located in northeast China, in the province of Liaoning and has some 3.2 mill inhabitants in the urban area, and an estimated 6.2 mill. in the metropolitan area.

The city's first rapid rail transit line, known as Qinggui, connects Dalian Development Zone and Jinshitan with Dalian city centre. The line is 49 km long, but has only 12 stations (with two more planned). Each train has 176 seats and runs at an average speed of 60km/h, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

Route: Dalian Railway Station --> Xiang Lu Jiao --> Jin Jia Jie --> Quan Shui --> Hou Yan --> Dalian Bay --> Jin Ma Rd --> Kaifaqu (Development Zone) --> Free Trade Zone --> DD Port --> Xiao Yao Bay --> Jin Shi Tan Scenic Area

A branch line was added in Dec. 2008, covering a total length of 14.3 km with 6 stations, a branch now known as Line 7.

Dalian also boasts historic streetcars, as well as a modern light rail line.

At the end of 2013, Line 8 opened as a rapid transit line that links Dalian with the western settlements on Liaodong Peninsula.



01 May 2003: Dalian Railway Station - Jin Shi Tan
28 Dec 2008: Kaifaqu (Development Zone) - Jiu Li
30 Dec 2013: Line 8 Hekou - Lüshunxingang (40 km, 8 stations)


Dalian Rapid Transit
Left: Train at Jin Ma Road station © Andrey Surikov | Right: © Bernhard Kußmagk

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