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The St. Louis MetroLink is a light rail line which runs on independent right-of-way for all of its alignment, although with several level crossings. The original line, which opened it 1993 (27 km), starts in East St. Louis, Illinois, and crosses the river Mississippi on the historic Eads Bridge built in 1874. After Laclede's Landing it enters a former railway tunnel which hadn't been used since 1974. It continues partly undergroud on a new alignment to Union Station (former railway station - now a shopping centre) and finally along the former Wabash railroad towards the northwest and into the Lambert airport grounds.

In 1994 an extension was approved through Saint Clair County in Illinois. The first 28 km stretch from 5th & Missouri to Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville opened in May 2001, followed by a 5.6 km stretch up to Shiloh-Scott in June 2003. Apart from some new stretches the former CXS rail alignment is used.

The next extension was a 12.8 km branch off Forest Park station towards the southwest through Clayton to Shrewsbury, the so called Cross County Extension. It includes some underground sections (inkl. Skinker, University City/Big Bend and Forsysth stations). With construction having started in April 2003, regular service on this branch began on 28 Aug 2006. Trains from Shrewsbury normally operate through the city centre and terminate at Fairview Heights in Illinois.

MetroLink is operated by Bi-State-Development-Agency, now simply 'Metro', and has a total length of 73.3 km. One light rail car has a capacity of 72 passengers seated and 106 standing.



31 July 1993 - 5th & Missouri - North Hanley
1994 - Airport Main Terminal station and East Riverfront station
1998 - Airport East Terminal station
05 May 2001 - 5th & Missouri - Southwestern Illinois College
23 June 2003 - College - Shiloh-Scott
28 Aug 2006 - Forest Park-DeBaliviere - Shrewsbury Lansdowne I-44


Several extensions had been examined, but bus-based solutions are currently being pursued. Check here for updates!

A vintage streetcar line, the Loop Trolley is planned to run from the Missouri History Museum at Forest Park to "The Loop" along Delmar Blvd. (Project Website)


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