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 Small-profile Rolling Stock (2.3 m wide, max. 90 m long)
 Class 2000

Manufactured by CAF and delivered from 1984 (2000-A), initially painted in grey with orange doors, later series carried a red livery with white doors. Meanwhile all trains have been repainted in blue/white:


From 1998, an updated version, class 2000-B, arrived. These trains can be distinguished by their helicopter-like glass front, they were nicknamed 'burbujas' (bubbles):



Inside class 2000 train
 Class 3000

432 cars have been ordered from the consortium CAF/Bombardier/Siemens, New trains to be delivered from 2007 on. There will be 36 6-car trains (1500 V dc) and 45 4-car trains (600/1500 V dc):

Class 3000 © Dirk Budach Class 3000 © Dirk Bu


 Large-profile Rolling Stock (2.8 m wide, max. 115 m long)
 Class 5000

First trains were delivered by CAF in 1974 for the first large-profile lines. All in all three different batches were bought, which can be distinguished by a slightly modified front. They originally carried either a darkblue/lightblue or a red livery, but most trains have meanwhile been repainted in blue/white:

5000 5000


 Class 6000

The 88 cars of class 6000 were acquired from CAF for Line 9 and its suburban stretch to Arganda del Rey. It was the first type of train in Madrid with two adjacent cars (36 m) being permanently linked via a gangway.

6000 6000


 Class 7000

These were the first trains not built by CAF, but by the Italian Ansaldobreda. Most of the 37 6-car trains run on Line 10 (1500 V dc), some can also be seen on Line 6 or other large-profile lines (600 V dc). A 6-car train has a total length of 108.3 m, and all cars are linked by gangways.

7000 7000


 Class 8000

Initially, these trains were operated as 3-car units, both on Line 8 and Line 12 MetroSur. For Line 8 a fourth car was ordered from the consortium CAF/Alstom/Bombardier/Siemens to increase capacity as the line was being extended to the new Terminal 4:

8000 8000

Starting delivery in May 2010, a total of 234 cars of subclass 8400 are being added to the fleet to replace older class 5000 cars. The 8400 cars, manufactured by CAF/Siemens/Bombardier, are permanently coupled to form 6-car trains of the walk-through type:

Class 8400


 Class 9000

252 cars of class 9000 have been ordered from Ansaldobreda. These are based on the present class 7000 and will operate mostly on Line 7 and 10. Most trains are ready for 1500 V dc, although some will be able to run on 600 V dc and 1500 V dc lines.

Class 9000



For the future Metro Ligero lines, 70 low-floor trams have been ordered from Alstom. The Citadis are similar to those already in operation on the Barcelona tram lines. They will be 2.4 m wide and 32 m long, equipped with air-conditioning.

Metro Ligero Inside Metro Ligero










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