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 Casa de Campo


Line 5 now terminates single-track at Casa de Campo between the Line 10 tracks, providing perfect interchange in both directions. There is actually second track for Line 5 which has temporarily been covered by the widened platform.

Casa de Campo


Campamento is an original station of the former 'Suburbano' from Plaza de España to Carabanchel. The tunnel mouth is at the southern end of the platforms.



Empalme station lies in a cutting and was part of Line 10 until 2002.



Aluche is a 2-track elevated station with an island platform, where until 2002 Lines 5 and 10 terminated. There is small depot just south of the station.

The Cercanías station (C-5) lies underground perpendicularly to the metro station.

 Eugenia de Montijo  


Eugenia de Montijo station was added on the existing line next to the tunnel mouth of the former 'Suburbano'.

 Carabanchel   04-02-1961  
 Vista Alegre   05-06-1968  
 Oporto 05-06-1968  
 Urgel   05-06-1968  
 Marqués de Vadillo  


Most stations on Line 5 have a similar design. After recent refurbishment they can be distinguished by varying colours.

Marqués de Vadillo


Between Marqués de Vadillo and Pirámides, Line 5 crossed under the River Manzanares before climbing up towards the city centre.



East of Acacias station, Line 5 takes a sharp turn to reach Puerta de Toledo. This was necessary to create an interchange with Line 3, but also due to the severe gradient between the river and Puerta de Toledo.

 Puerta de Toledo   05-06-1968  
 La Latina  


At 28 m below ground La Latina is one of the deepest stations on the small-profile network.

 Ópera 05-06-1968 Ópera
 Callao 05-06-1968  
   Gran Vía


From 2008, Gran Vía station will allow transfer to the Cercanías station currently under construction at Sol/Gran Vía on the second Renfe north-south tunnel.

   Chueca   02-03-1970  
   Alonso Martínez


Alonso Martínez
   Rubén Darío   02-03-1970  
   Núñez de Balboa 02-03-1970  
   Diego de León 02-03-1970  


The section from Ventas to Ciudad Lineal opened as part of Line 2 in 1964, and was integrated in Line 5 in 1970.

   El Carmen   28-05-1964  
   Quintana   28-05-1964  
   Pueblo Nuevo 28-05-1964  
   Ciudad Lineal   28-05-1964  
   Suanzes   18-01-1980  
   Torre Arias   18-01-1980  
   Canillejas   18-01-1980  
   El Capricho   24-11-2006  
 Alameda de Osuna   24-11-2006  


Special Features of Line 5:

Total length: 23.2 km, 32 stations

Small profile line with 90 m long platforms (6-car trains of class 2000 in service).

The section from Ventas to Ciudad Lineal opened as part of Line 2 in 1964, and was integrated in Line 5 in 1970.

The section from Campamento to Carabanchel opened in 1961 as part of the 'Suburbano', later converted to Line 10. Aluche - Carabanchel was transferred to Line 5 in 1968, and Aluche - Campamento, together with the new terminus Casa de Campo, in 2002.




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