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Metros in Portugal


29/12/1959 - opening of Lisbon Metro - Y-shaped line (south to north): Restauradores - Avenida - Rotunda, which then splits into two branches. Western branch: - Parque - São Sebastião - Palhava - Sete Rios and Eastern branch: - Picoas - Saldanha - Campo Pequeno - Entre Campos.

27/01/1963 - Rossio station opened. Then the line turns northwards with the following stations opened:

28/09/1966 - Socorro - Intendente - Anjos

18/06/1972 - Arroios - Alameda - Aeeiro -Roma - Alvalade

After that, for 15 years no more stations were opened, all the construction activity was aimed at lengthening of platforms on existing stations (10 stations), including Entre Campos (15/07/1973); Intendente (07/03/1977); Saldanha (14/03/1977); São Sebastião (14/03/1977); Restauradores (02/11/1977); Campo Pequeno (26/03/1979); Palhav„ (15/10/1980); Avenida (09/11/1982); Picoas (09/11/1982); Anjos (15/11/1982).

Metro extension activity was resumed with several new stations opened:

14/10/1988: - Laranjeiras - Alto de Moinhos - Colégio Militar/Luz and Cidade Universitária

03/04/1993 - Campo Grande station was opened, which was a transfer station between two branches of the same line. This made the system too complicated to be served by one line.

In 1995 the line was split into two lines, with the western branch of the former Y-shaped system together with its stem being named Linha da Gaivota (Colégio Militar-Luz - Campo Grande via Alameda), and the eastern branch - Linha do Girassol (Rotunda - Campo Grande via Saldanha).

15/07/1995 To enable this splitting of lines, a new Rotunda station for Linha de Girassol was opened (with simultaneous lengthening of platforms on old Rotunda station.

18/10/1997 - Carnide - Pontinha

27/12/1997 - Rato

In 1998 several stations of the network changed their names, namely Sete Rios > Jardim Zoológico, Palhava > Praça de Espanha, Rotunda > Marquês de Pombal; Socorro > Martim Moniz.

In 1998 the Linha da Gaivota was split into two lines, separating western and eastern branches of V-shaped line. Since then the Pontinha-Restauradores stretch remained the Linha de Gaivota, whereas the eastern branch (Rossio-Campo Grande) became the Linha da Caravela.

18/04/1998 - Cais do Sodré.

25/04/1998 - western station hall of Baixa/Chiado, a new terminal of Linha de Gaivota and transfer to Linha da Caravela. Eastern station hall was opened on 08/08/1998.

19/05/1998 - a new line, Linha do Oriente, was opened to serve the Expo98 area with stations Alameda - Olaias - Bela Vista - Chelas - Oriente.

18/07/1998 - Cabo Ruivo station added on Linha do Oriente.

07/11/1998 - Olivais station added into Linha do Oriente.

02/11/2002 - 1-station extension of Linha da Caravela to Telheiras

27/03/2004 - Yellow Line extended northwards from Campo Grande to Odivelas

15/05/2004 - Blue Line extended from Pontinha to Amadora Este

19/12/2007 - Blue Line extended from Baixa-Chiado to Santa Apolónia

29/08/2009 - Red Line extended from Alameda to S„o Sebasti„o

17/07/2012 - Red Line extended from Oriente to Aeroporto

13/04/2016 - Blue Line extended from Amadora Este to Reboleira

This history chart was made possible thanks to Alex Riabov!

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