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Stockholm Tram Map


Stockholm Tunnelbana


Tram  Atlas NordeuropaStockholm (approx. 800.000, metropolitan area approx. 2 million). Stockholm also has an extensive tunnelbana system with a total length of 108 km (62 km are underground) with 100 stations, plus several light rail lines, among them the Tvärbana, which has some tram-like sections.

TRAM - Spårväg City

- opened 23 Aug 2010*
- 1 line: 7 Sergels torg - Waldemarsudde
- 1435 mm
- 3.5 km
- rolling stock: six Flexity Classic A34 vehicles (Bombardier)
- operator: AB Stockholms Spårvägar

* only 400 m newly-built, the rest uses the existing Djurgårdslinjen 7N, a vintage tram line, which now operates between Norrmalmstorg and Skansen.

03 Sept 2018: short extension opened to new terminus at T-Centralen (Klarabergsgatan) replacing the original Sergels torg terminus, which had been out of service for some years!


Spårväg City Spårväg City Spårväg City Spårväg City
Djurgårdslinjen Djurgårdslinjen Djurgårdslinjen Djurgårdslinjen

Tram  Atlas Nordeuropa1) Tvärbanan (L22) - a new kind of semi-circular light rail line (modern tram), which opened in June 2000 from Gullmarsplan to Alvik (9.4 km). In 2002, it was extended towards the east to Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla Udde on the eastern side of the Sickla canal (2.4 km). Eventually in 2013, it was extended from Alvik to Solna centrum (5.6 km, with an 800 m tunnel just north of Alvik), and to Solna railway station in 2014 (1 km). A 600 m extension to Sickla station on the Saltsjöbanan completed the current 18 km route on 2 Oct 2017.

A northwestern 8 km branch to Kista and Helenelund is under construction. [Project website]

2) Nockebybanan (L12) - the last of the former rapid tram lines, now operated with modern rolling stock together with the Tvärbanan. Cross-platform interchange with Tunnelbana at Alvik.

3) Lidingöbanan (L21) - a single-track light rail line linking the southern part of Lidingö Island to Ropsten station - reopened on 24 Oct 2015 after two years of upgrading, will eventually be linked to Spårväg City.



Tvärbana Tvärbana Tvärbana Nockebybana Nockebybana Tvärbana
Tvärbana Tvärbana

SL - Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (Official Site)

AB Stockholms Spårvägar


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Robert Schwandl: Metros in Scandinavia. - 2004, 144 p., ISBN 3-936573-04-2

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