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Update Dec 2013:

What had formerly been planned as a U-shaped Line 4, will now see a southern leg added to it, although this may also become the first section of a future line 5. The original western leg should be extended to meet line 1 at Perissos, while the eastern leg may be extended beyond Maroussi line 1 station to Pefki, Likovrissi and the National Road, whereas a previously envisaged northern extension of line 1 has been shelved.

Update Dec 2005:

Former planned branches 3a and 4 will be linked to become the new U-shaped Line 4

Update Oct 2004::

Line 3a: Panormou - Paradissos - Maroussi

This extension was also planned in the past as a mostly elevated line over Kifissias Avenue, but now the revised plans call for it to be completely underground. It will branch off the existing line just east of Panormou station and continue northwards, beneath Kifissias Avenue, to Paradissos station (7.6km), which will be on the interchange of Kifissias Avenue and the Elefsina - Markopoulo motorway (alongside which the Suburban Rail line to the airport will run). This part will include stations at Pharos, Filothei (formerly known as College), Sidera (formerly known as Sidera Halandriou), and Olympic Stadium (next to the Olympic Complex's Press Centre and about 300m. south of the Agora station of the original proposed scheme). This extension will be used by about 120,000 passengers each day, relieving Kifissias Avenue which is currently one of the busiest main roads in Athens. There is an option to extend the line 1200m. northwards to Maroussi, for interchange with Line 1, but this extension will require a complete excavation of the plaza around the Line 1 station, and the local council may oppose to this. The rebuilding works at Marousi are already causing heavy traffic jams around the stations, and shops in the area have reduced customer numbers, as people prefer to go shopping to neighbouring Kifissia and Nea Ionia where there is now easier access.

Plans to build a new station at Korai Square (Lambraki) in Piraeus have been put on hold for two reasons. Firstly, the tramway is to be extended in the future from Faliro to Perama and to do so will need to pass through the centre of Piraeus. Also, Line 3 is planned to be extended from Aegaleo southwards to Piraeus (8.2km) and it will be easier to include Lambraki station in that line, as it will have a north-to-south alignment and will not require sharp curves and steep gradients as a Line 1 extension would.

Line 4: Panepistimio - Galatsi
This 6.2km extension was initially planned as a branch of Line 2 from Panepistimio station and proceed to the following stations:
Exarchia, about 250m. northeast of Omonia and serving the Athens Polytechnic
Alexandras, on the western end of Alexandras Avenue (Line 3's Ambelokipi station is near the eastern end of the same road, the stations will be about 2 km. apart)
Dikastiria (Courts of Justice), serving the Courts themselves and the neighbouring Polygono district
Kypseli, serving the area of that name
Galatsi, serving the southern part of the municipallity of Galatsi
Tralleon, on Tralleon Street serving the northern part of Galatsi and the area's park, one of the largest open spaces in Athens.
The line will have a mostly south-to-north orientation and will serve very densely populated areas with narrow roads, currently facing severe traffic problems. The current scheme is scheduled for completion in 2010. Future plans may see a new station at Agia Glykeria (between Kypseli and Galatsi) and a northward extension to Pefki. This will be an interchange with a future Suburban Rail station, and will be located about a mile north of Irini (the extension will have its own station at Irini too). This second phase, if given the go-ahead, will be completed around 2015. Some people think that this should be a separate line, as the other Line 2 route, currently terminating at Sepolia and being extended to the Peristeri area, serving Omonia and the Athens Railway Station, also carries a significant number of passengers. If both branches feed the southern section, to Dafni and in future to Al. Panagoulis and Glyfada, then the section south of Panepistimio will become saturated, there will be many more trains than the passengers needing to travel on the section. One solution will be to terminate some of the trains at Syntagma.
Line 1: Kifissia - Ag. Stefanos

A new underground extension from Kifissia station (the station will be underground as well) to Aghios Stefanos (11km with 6 stations) is planned; (Tatoi Avenue, Nea Erythrea, Kastri, Ethniki Odos/Varymbobi for 2015 - and Anixi, Aghios Stefanos for 2018).

At the opposite end, line 1will be put underground from Faliro station to Piraeus (including the Faliro station) and there will be an new intermediate station called Kaminia.

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