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Taipei Metro Map 2002 © UrbanRail.Net

Chientan  © Hou Jan Liao Taipei (pop. 2.7 million) , the capital city of Taiwan, has been developing a network of four conventional mainly underground metro lines and one automated elevated light metro line (now [1] Wenhu Line). For many years, the red, green and orange lines have been operated jointly as only parts of the planned routes had been finished. From Oct 2012, only the red and green lines remained interlaced in the city centre until they were eventually disentangled in Nov 2014 when the long-planned line layout was able to be implemented with the completion of the Songshan Line. The network now comprises five lines and two shuttle services.

Mucha Line © Hou Jan Liao28 March 1996: Muzha Line Taipei Zoo - Zhongshan Jr. High School

25 Dec. 1997: Tamsui Line Tamsui (Danshui) / Xinbeitou - Main Station

24 Dec. 1998: Zhonghe Line Main Station - Guting - Nanshijiao

11 Nov. 1999: Xindian Line Guting - Xindian

Muzha Line © Lester Kao24 Dec. 1999: Blue Line Taipei City Hall - Longshan Temple

31 Aug. 2000: Blue Line Longshan Temple - Xinpu

31 Aug. 2000: Xiaonanmen Line Ximen - C.K.S. Memorial Hall

29 Dec. 2000: Blue Line Taipei City Hall - Kunyang

Chientan station © Hou Jan Liao29 Sept. 2004: Xindian Line - branch Qizhang - Xiaobitan

31 May 2006: Blue Line Xinpu - Yongning

25 Dec 2008: Blue Line Kunyang - Nangang

04 July 2009: Neihu Line Zhongshan Jr. High School - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

03 Nov 2010: Luzhou Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Luzhou

27 Feb 2011: Blue Line Nangang - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

05 Jan 2012: Xinzhuang Line Daqiaotou - Fu Jen University

30 Sept 2012: Orange Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Dongmen - Guting

29 June 2013: Xinzhuang Line Fu Jen University - Huilong

24 Nov 2013: Xinyi Line Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - Xiangshan (6.4 km)

15 Nov 2014: Songshan Line Ximen - Shongshan (8.5 km)

Photos © Hou Jan Liao & Lester Kao

In 2004, Taiwan introduced the commonly used transliteration of Chinese, therefore spelling may differ on maps (old spelling in brackets).

Beitou  © Lester Kao Beitou   © Lester Kao Danshui © Lester Kao Inside MRT train © Lester Kao Jiantan access © Lester Kao
Photos © Lester Kao

Blue Line (Bannan Line, Line 3) is further under construction: Yongning to Dingpu

Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System: Express metro to Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport from Taipei Main Station. Also includes Taoyuan Metro’s Blue line. Total: 51.5 km, 20 stations. - Zhongli – CKS-Airport – Sanchong: 2013 - Sanchong – Taipei Main Station (Underground): 2014

Circular Line (Yellow Line): circular and peripheral line that intersects 10 of the current lines and lines under planning. VAL system.
- Phase 1: Elevated, 14 km, 14 stations. Dapinglin to Wugu Industrial Park: 2015
- Phase 2: Underground, 20.5 km, 15 stations. Taipei Zoo to Dapinglin and Wugu Industrial Park to Jiannan Road: January 2018 (Official Website)

Y6 Dapinglin, Y7 Shisichang, Y8 Jianshanjiao, Y9 Peace Preservation Police Corps, Y10 JingAn Stadion, Y11 Zhongshan Rd, Y12 BanNan Rd, Y13 Zhongzheng, Y14 Banxin, Y15 Banqiao New Station, Y16 MinSheng Rd, Y17 Touqianzhuang, Y18 Xingfu Rd, Y19 Wugu Industrial Area.

For more details and long-term projects visit Wikipedia



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Taipei Metro Taipei Metro

Taipei Metro Taipei Metro

Taipei Metro

Taipei Metro Taipei Metro

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