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 West Bengal . India

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With over 11 million inhabitants, Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) is one of the biggest cities in Asia. It lies in the state of West Bengal, in the east of India.

Tollygunge station © Calcutta Metro Railway In 1971, a Master Plan was designed which included 5 rapid transit lines, of which the north-south route was considered the most important one. Construction (mainly cut-and-cover) began in 1973 and the first section opened for public service in 1984 between Esplanade - Bhowanipur (3.4 km). This was the first subway line in India. In 1995, the Kolkata Metro Railway reached a total length of 16.5 km and remained unchanged for the next 14 years. Along the route there were 17 stations (15 underground, 1 elevated and 1 on surface), with 160 m long platforms designed for 8-car-trains. Power supply is via third rail at 750 V dc. Eventually in 2009, the first 5.9 km section of a long-planned elevated southern extension was brought into service from the former southern terminus Tollygunge, now renamed Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, to Nazrul (planned as Garia Bazar).



24 Oct 1984: Esplanade - Bhowanipur (now Netaji Bhaban) (3.4 km)
12 Nov 1984: Dum Dum - Belgachhia (2.15 km - shuttle operating until 26 Oct 1992)
29 Apr 1986: Bhowanipur (now Netaji Bhaban) - Tollygunge (now Mahanayak Uttam Kumar) (4.25 km)
13 Aug 1994: Dum Dum - Shyambazar (3.8 km)
02 Oct 1994: Esplanade - Chandni Chowk (0.7 km)
19 Feb 1995: Shyambazar - Girish Park (1.9 km) and Chandni Chowk - Central (0.6 km)
27 Sept 1995: Central - Girish Park (1.8 km)
23 Aug 2009: Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (ex Tollygunge) - Kavi Nazrul (5.9 km)
07 Oct 2010: Kavi Nazrul - Kavi Subhash (3 km)
10 July 2013: Dum Dum - Noapara (2.2 km)


A northern Line 1 extension is further under construction to Dakshineshwar with one intermediate station (4.3 km).

Construction of Line 2 started in 2009. It will run from Salt Lake (Bidhannagar) Sector 5 (in east) to Howrah Railway Station (in west). Unlike line 1, which is operated by Indian Railways, line 2 will be operated by a new company - Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC). Trains will be air conditioned, and underground stations would have platform screen doors. It will use standard gauge, like Kolkata tram, but unlike line 1, which uses broad gauge. Proposed stations are - Salt Lake Sector 5, Karunamayi Housing Estate, Bikash Bhaban, Salt Lake City Center, Bengal Chemical Office, Football Stadium, Phool Bagan, Sealdah Railway Station, Central (crossing with line 1), Mahakaran, Howrah Railway Station and Howrah Maidan. Between Mahakaran and Howrah Railway Station, the metro will run under the Hoogly River. It will run elevated along the eastern section through Salt Lake City.

Several other lines are planned and/or even under construction, click here for details.

Kolkata Metro Kolkata Metro


Kolkata Tramways

- 68 km
- opened in 1880
- electrified in 1902
- o
perated by Calcutta Tramways Corporation
- 1435 mm gauge
- no designated stops
- Rolling Stock: SLC Type 1 (1940s); SLC Type 2 (1960-1970); SLC Type 3 (2010 on); Bebbco SLC Type 4 (prototype); SSLC Type 1 (2013) (prototype bogie car) ; SSLC Type 2 (air conditioned) (2013 on)


Kolkata Tramways Kolkata Tramways Kolkata (Calcutta) tram map

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