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 Andhra Pradesh . India

Hyderabad Metro © Jordi Serradell


Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh state in India, is now planning to build a subway system, after building the newest suburban rail network of India in 2003. The Project was approved by the Union Government on April 15 , 2008. The total length is 66 km, extendable to 71 km.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited has been created specially for this project. With a population of about 7 million and considerable floating population, the city is struggling with increasing traffic congestion due to fast growing IT, ITES, pharma, and various other manufacturing and business activities. The current local train system known as the Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) operational since 2003 runs on existing tracks meant for long-distance trains supplemented by ageing Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) locally known as push-pull trains operational since the 80's.

There are three metro lines planned:

1) Miyapur (in east) - L B NAGAR (in west)- 27 km. (Approximate) - fully elevated

2) Jubilee Bus Stand (in south) - Falaknuma (in north) - 17 km. (Approximate) - fully elevated

3) Uppal (in south) - Shilparamam (in north) - 26 km. (Approximate) - not sure about the grades

Total Length - 71 km (Approximate)

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