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Haifa lies in the north of Israel by the Mediterranean Sea and has some 400,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area. Due to its geographical situation, along the sea and on top of Mount Carmel, it was necessary to build an efficient transport system to link the commercial and leisure districts on sea level to the modern centre and residential areas on top of the mountain. An underground funicular was considered the best solution to surmount the difference in altitude of 274 m.

The Carmelit Subway starts at Paris Square (sea level) and runs straight up for 1.75 km to Gan Ha'em on Mount Carmel. It opened in 1959 and is operated by 2 two-car trains on single track with a short double track section to allow trains to cross. There are 6 stations with 30 m long platforms. Station names are shown in Hebrew, Arabic and English, other information is in Hebrew and English or in Hebrew only. Information columns outside the stations show the current location of the trains.



1959 - Paris Square - Gan Ha'em


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Paris Square station entrance Train arriving at  Paris Square Massada station View into subway car

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