Literature about Metro Systems

Random Bibliography

These two volumes (in Catalan) give very detailed information on all aspects of the Barcelona Metro. They inlude many black & white photographs.

Very well illustrated book (text in Catalan) showing the development of urban transport in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Explains the origin of station names (in Catalan) station by station (with colour photographs).

This book gave the guidelines for the new metro image in 1984 when lots of stations were renamed into Catalan.

This book is a Metro bible! Includes very detailed information (in German) on all metro systems of the world, with special emphasis on the Vienna U-Bahn (the authors are technical engineers at the Vienna City Council).

This book is NOT an encyclopedia, but a good book to start with. The front cover shows the new generation of the BARCELONA Metro trains!

Well illustrated survey of the history of the Berlin Subway and Elevated Railway. Black & white and colour photographs.

Excellent book showing all Berlin Network maps from 1888 until 1990 in full colour.

Published by the subway company themselves, the book shows bright colour photographs of all artistically interesting stations on the Vienna subway, especially on the new line U3 (the "culture line").

Rather a novel, with only a few photographs.

Also deals with tramways and buses and includes a lot of black & white subway photographs of different US cities.